We are inspired by nature, plants, flower and seeds and only from the benefits they have. We make our products with natural and organic ingredients

Where our passion for natural products met the magical world of the plants

Since I was little I was inspired by plants, trees, flowers and my grandmother Nonna Camilla. Our name is a tribute to her. She was a wonderful woman, with a very strong attitude towards the life and always full of energy. She used to have a beautiful garden full of any types of geraniums, lemon's trees, succulents, huge ficus trees and many more.


    Milla's Pantry was born because of a need after many years suffering from dry skin and acne. I used so many commercial product that made my skin worse instead of helping. This is the reason why I started to make my own product with the beautiful gifts that Mother Nature has and with the amazing inspirations by The Australian nature.


    We don't use any preservatives, silicons or nusty stuff in our products. Our products are gentle on the skin and are made personally by me in our small lab surrounded by organic flowers, infused oil and more. We try to avoid plastic, we do our best to recycle and reuse what we can. We always have in mind our beautiful and precious Mother Earth and your wellbeing

Our dream is possible thanks to:

Mother Nature and its magic, colourful and beneficial gifts.

Feel Design Studio for our amazing, simple, elegant and beautiful website / Unleash Media House for our logo and the gorgeous  business card / Lisa from Worldwide Osborne Park for printing our labels.

My friends and supporters because without you I wouldn't be here now.

A special thanks is for my rock, my best friend, my soul, my amazing life partner for always supporting me even when the time was hard.